DriBlade is a dual action rechargeable dry pod that protects today's cartridge razors from oxidation.

The result provides better razor performance, long lasting blades and a great shaving experience!

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DriSonic is a rechargeable dry pod that dries, protects and revives hearing aids, wireless earbuds, and smartwatches from excessive moisture.

Use it daily to maintain the performance of your hearing aids or to rescue your wireless earbuds and smartwatches after prolonged water exposure.

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Dry, Protect, Rescue


Introducing VCI MAX, the ulimate solution powered by Cortec's latest Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology. Designed to combat rust on firearms, ammo, tools and tackle, VCI MAX ensures your valuable items stay in pristine condition.

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Dry, Protect, Rescue


Meet Silica Max, the innovative 16-ounce desiccant canister featuring premium silica gel that sets the standard for moisture control. Put an end to excess humidity and moisture concerns with Silica Max.

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Dry, Protect, Rescue


Introducing SILICA MAX MINI, the same premium moisture absorbing silica gel as our large SILICA MAX micro-perforated pouches, but in a smaller, rechargeable pod!

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Dry, Protect, Rescue


Introducing Zorbette, a thin disposable food-grade fiber desiccant wafer that excels in effectively absorbing and controlling moisture, ensuring your belongings – from perishables to electronics – remain fresher and longer-lasting.

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Dry, Protect, Rescue

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