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DriBlade - Plastic Model

DriBlade - Plastic Model

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Same powerful dual action drying and VCI protection as the DriBlade - Glass Model, but in a travel friendly, compact and durable plastic container.

  • Dual action desiccant and VCI cartridge razor storage pod
  • Contains 2 ounces of premium silica gel  - Wicks away and absorbs all moisture away from the metal blades inhibiting germs and bacterial growth
  • VCI or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Cap - Emits molecules that bonds to the metal blades and creates a barrier from moisture preventing oxidation and micro-rust
  • Increases cartridge blade life by 10x
  • Eliminates nicks, cuts and irritating shaves
  • Fits all cartridge razor brands including Gillette, Schick, Harry's and DSC
  • Over a year's worth supply of replacement silica gel included


  • 90% Silica Gel
  • 10% Indicating Silica Gel
  • Plastic Container
  • Metal Band
  • Plastic Ventilating Cap

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3x2 in


When blue indicating beads transition from blue to pink, pour silica gel beads into a microwaveable container, set microwave for 3 minutes on low and examine color indicating beads. If blue, let cool and pour beads back into Silica Gel Max container. If pink, repeat process until beads are blue.

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