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Silica Max 16oz Desiccant Cannister

Silica Max 16oz Desiccant Cannister

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Silica Max 16 Ounce Pure Basic White Silica Gel Desiccant Canister with Blue to Pink Color Indicating Beads. Ventilated Cap Included. Perfect for Large safes.


  • 90% Silica Gel
  • 10% Indicating Silica Gel
  • Plastic Container
  • Metal Band
  • Plastic Ventilating Cap

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3x2 in


When blue indicating beads transition from blue to pink, pour silica gel beads into a microwaveable container, set microwave for 3 minutes on low and examine color indicating beads. If blue, let cool and pour beads back into Silica Gel Max container. If pink, repeat process until beads are blue.

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