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VCI MAX - Advanced Molecular Protection Against Rust

VCI MAX - Advanced Molecular Protection Against Rust

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Introducing VCI MAX, the ultimate solution powered by Cortec Corporation's latest Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology. Designed specifically to combat rust on firearms, ammo, tools, and tackle, VCI MAX ensures your valuable items stay in pristine condition. Here's how our cutting-edge VCI technology works:

  • Enhanced Rust Defense: VCI MAX utilizes Cortec Corporation's advanced VCI technology, known for its industry-leading performance in rust prevention.
  • Molecular Emission and Attachment: Each VCI MAX Disk emits specialized VCI molecules within the enclosed space. These molecules actively attach themselves to the metallic surfaces of your items, forming a protective barrier.
  • Barrier against Moisture and Humidity: The VCI molecules create a physical shield that effectively isolates the metal surface from moisture and humidity, preventing the onset of corrosion.
  • Displacement of Water Molecules: Additionally, the VCI molecules displace any existing water molecules present on the metal surface, further reducing the chances of oxidation or corrosion.
  • Reliable Corrosion Protection: By inhibiting the corrosion process, VCI MAX safeguards your valuable items, ensuring they remain free from rust and corrosion.
  • Extended Protection: Each VCI MAX Disk contains two Cortec VCI BioPads, which work in conjunction with the VCI molecules to provide continuous protection for up to two years.

Invest in VCI MAX and experience the power of Cortec Corporation's latest VCI technology. With its molecular barrier, displacement properties, and long-lasting protection, VCI MAX stands as the ultimate defense against rust, preserving the integrity and value of your firearms, ammo, tools, and tackle. Trust VCI MAX to keep your items in optimal condition, ready for action when you need them.


  • 90% Silica Gel
  • 10% Indicating Silica Gel
  • Plastic Container
  • Metal Band
  • Plastic Ventilating Cap

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3x2 in


When blue indicating beads transition from blue to pink, pour silica gel beads into a microwaveable container, set microwave for 3 minutes on low and examine color indicating beads. If blue, let cool and pour beads back into Silica Gel Max container. If pink, repeat process until beads are blue.

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