Next Level Desiccant

Zorbette is a newly developed desiccant that is called Fiber. It's naturally derived from plant fibers resulting in a safer to use and environmentally friendly desiccant, unlike silica gel.

Advanced Humidity Absorber

The only all natural fiber desiccant that controls excess humidity and absorbs 3x more moisture than silica gel.

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  • Electronics

    Store Zorbette within your camera case to eliminate lens condensation or with any moisture sensitive electronics.

  • Documents

    Zorbette is thin and versatile to protect crucial documents, cherished photos and even stamp collections.

  • Metal

    Zorbette is strong enough to reduce the harmful effects of oxidation on any type of metal surface. Perfect for firearms storage.

Maximum Retention

There's no comparison when going up against the other two leading desiccant materials. Zorbette will hold more moisture ensuring your valuables are better protected over a longer period of time.

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  • Makeup

    Store Zorbette in your makeup drawer or bag to reduce clumping and increase longevity.

  • Jewelry

    Place Zorbette in your jewelry box to eliminate tarnish and oxidation.

  • Metal

    Zorbette is perfect for storing away with seasonal garments. Months later your clothes will come out dry and fresh.