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VCI MAX - Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology

VCI MAX - Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology

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VCI MAX is the ultimate solution to protect your valuable metal assets from corrosion. Engineered with advanced vapor corrosion inhibitor technology, VCI MAX emits and creates an invisible molecular shield around metal surfaces, preventing moisture and oxygen from causing corrosion damage.

Compact and convenient but highly effective, our VCI holds 2X more than foam and plastic emitters. Simply place VCI MAX in your storage area or packaging, and let it safeguard your metals from rust and corrosion for two years. VCI MAX - your go to for rust prevention!


  • 90% Silica Gel
  • 10% Indicating Silica Gel
  • Plastic Container
  • Metal Band
  • Plastic Ventilating Cap

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3x2 in


When blue indicating beads transition from blue to pink, pour silica gel beads into a microwaveable container, set microwave for 3 minutes on low and examine color indicating beads. If blue, let cool and pour beads back into Silica Gel Max container. If pink, repeat process until beads are blue.

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